Exhibitor checklist

Have you remembered to think of everything? Do a check!


last submission deadline Services Order services
05.07.2017 Fire protection T.23 Order now
02.08.2017 Standconstruction (incl. partition wall elements/carpet) S.01–S.11 Order now
02.08.2017 Hanging objects T.03 Order now
02.08.2017 Exhaust vent/compressed air installation T.02 Order now
06.09.2017 Electrical installations T.01 Order now
06.09.2017 Water installations T.02 Order now
06.09.2017 Stand security T.04 Order now
06.09.2017 Stand cleaning T.05 Order now
06.09.2017 Waste disposal T.06 Order now
06.09.2017 Rental tableware T.13 Order now
06.09.2017 TV connections T.14 Order now
06.09.2017 Internet and Telecommunications T.17 Order now
06.09.2017 Forwarding services T.18 Order now
06.09.2017 Parking permits T.19 Order now
06.09.2017 Advertising space M.01 Order now
13.09.2017 Parking permit for trucks/containers/trailers T.24 Order now
13.09.2017 Catering Credit Card C.02 Order now
22.09.2017 Conference and office catering C.03 Order now
25.09.2017 Questions about Visa Write an e-mail
25.09.2017 Furniture hire chairs, tables, display cases etc. T.07–T.12 Order now
25.09.2017 Audio/Video/PC T.15 Order now
25.09.2017 Lighting technology and sound systems, video and AV technology T.20 Order now
25.09.2017 Plant hire T.21 Order now
25.09.2017 Impregnation-Services T.22 Order now
25.09.2017 Visitor data scanning LeadSuccess M.02 Order now
25.09.2017 Press compartment service M.03 Order now
25.09.2017 Photographer service M.05 Order now
25.09.2017 Assessment of trade fair presentation M.06 Order now
25.09.2017 Exhibition insurance M.07 Order now
25.09.2017 Event organization M.08 Order now
25.09.2017 Hostesses/service staff M.10 Order now
25.09.2017 Construction and dismantling staff M.11 Order now
25.09.2017 Hiring office premises, conference rooms M.12 Order now
25.09.2017 Catering delivery service C.01 Order now

Further important dates

Termin Thema Zur Bestellung
up to 30.09.2016 early bird discount To the download area
30.11.2016 Layout planning begins  
as of 01.03.2017 Mailing of stand confirmations  
as of 01.04.2017 Mailing of Koelnmesse-Service-Portal log-in data To the Koelnmesse-Service-Portal
up to 01.05.2017 Application of co-exhibitors To the download area
01.06.2017 Start of application Anuga taste Innovation Show Information on Anuga taste Innovation Show
19.07.2017 Editorial and advertising deadline for the Marketing Package To the Media Shop
up to 01.08.2017 Layout for approval Submission to the Sales Manager of the respective trade fair
up to 01.08.2017 Application All-inclusive-stand Package To the download area
as of 01.08.2017 Mailing of stand rental invoice with work and exhibitor passes  
13.09.2017 Deadline of application Anuga taste Innovation Show Information on Anuga taste Innovation Show
20.09.2017 Questions about Visa Write an e-mail
22.09.2017 Standparties Application (.pdf)
22.09.2017 GEMA registration messe@gema.de
22.09.2017 Infoscout + Infoservice Infoscout (.pdf)
Infoservice (.pdf)
27.09.2017 Start of Construction period (7 am) Information for booth builders
06.10.2017 End of Construction period (8 pm) Information for booth builders
07.10.2017 Start of the fair  
11.10.2017 End of the fair  
11.10.2017 Start of diamantling (6 pm) Information for booth builders
15.10.2017 End of dismantling (midnight) Information for booth builders