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Demand for healthy ingredients is being driven by a number of consumer factors such as aging populations, rising interest in healthy lifestyles, concerns over obesity and growing awareness of the link between diet and health. This is being supported by high levels of investment by the food and drinks industry in product and promotional activity. Healthy options can still command a price premium in some instances and these types of products are tending to outperform the food and drinks market as a whole with considerable scope for future growth, particularly in emerging markets.

Plant-based hemp is an up-and-coming ingredient for the global food and beverages market with Innova Market Insights reporting a +44% CAGR (2011 - 2016) for global product launches containing hemp in its various forms. It is proving to be a popular protein source with a +28% increase in global product launch activity tracked containing hemp protein (2016 vs. 2015). Another notable trend is rising consumer interest in previously exotic seeds such as chia and quinoa which has fueled the application of seeds in general, providing a natural source of flavor, texture and health to many products.



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