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Global new product development positioned on an ethical platform continues to surge, with Innova Market Insights reporting a 34% increase in new products with an ethical positioning related to animals, humans and/or the environment (2016 vs. 2015). Consumers are now embracing all things ethical and the fairtrade movement could be considered to be the main catalyst for the evolvement of ethically positioned product launch activity. The growth in new global fairtrade product launch activity continues to be significant, with a 35% increase in products with fairtrade claims and/or ingredients from 2014 to 2015, with a further 8% increase recorded from 2015 from 2016.

Although chocolate was the market category by which the fairtrade concept initially came into force, a diverse range of products are now available with fairtrade certification. In 2016, chocolate accounted for 13% of tracked fairtrade product launches, followed by tea (11%) and coffee (9%). Other sub-categories gaining traction for fairtrade certification include ice cream, sweet biscuits/ cookies, iced tea and juice and juice drinks.

Products based on Fair Trade

Products based on fair trade

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