Anuga OliveOil Market

OliveOil Market

In the middle of the trade fair boulevard, the special show Anuga OliveOil Market has presented the best that nature has to offer: Lots of olive oil, extra native specialities from manufacturers from all cultivation areas around the Mediterranean, from South Africa and from South and North America! Visitors could convince themselves again of the high quality of more than 200 olive oils.

An open area has invited the guests to get to know and taste the flavours and origins of different olive oils. A compact area has comprised of 100 square metres with an olive oil bar and expert support. Experts had let the visitors in on the secrets of the smell, taste and preparation of recipes ranging from salads to roasts and baking through to desserts. Right next door, the Olive Oil Forum has offered capacity for approx. 50 participants. Informative events, seminars and olive oil tasting sessions has be carried out here by top olive oil experts, who are COI* certificate holders.

(* COI = International Olive Council / GB)

Learn more about the Anuga Olive Oil Market 2015 programme (.pdf) .

Impressions 2015