Cologne: 05.–09.10.2019

Bundesverband des Deutschen Lebensmittelhandels (BVLH) und Forum Nachhaltiger Kakao e.V

Human rights and international supply chains - example cocoa

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10.10.2017 | 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 a.m.
Bio-Produkte, Vegetarische Produkte, Drinks, Fine Food, Hot Beverages, Ingredients, Fair gehandelte Produkte, Vegane Produkte, Culinary Concepts, Organic
Bundesverband des Deutschen Lebensmittelhandels (BVLH) und Forum Nachhaltiger Kakao e.V
Am Weidendamm 1A
10117 Berlin
+49 (0)30 72 62 50 80

The event

For a year now, business and social actions have been orientating themselves on the applicable Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These and the national action plan "Business and Human Rights" are to ensure that the living and working conditions improve worldwide. The manifold challenges across the entire supply chain, from the cultivation, to the production, through to the ready-to-sell product are to be taken into account.
In the form of its "Human rights and international supply chains based on the example cocoa" event, the Sustainable Cocoa Forum is inviting people to an exchange during the course of which different views will be aired. Experts will be present on the podium, who demonstrate in lectures and best practice examples that it is possible to respect human rights while acting economically.

The "Sustainable Cocoa Forum" association is a joint initiative of the Federal Government, the German sweets industry, the German food trade and civil society. The Forum brings relevant players from Germany together with those from the production countries and with international initiatives. The aim of the Forum is to improve the living conditions of the cocoa farmers, save and preserve natural resources and the biodiversity in the cultivation countries as well as to increase the share of sustainably produced cocoa. The Sustainable Cocoa Forum has over 70 members and is open to further interested parties.