Cologne: 05.–09.10.2019

Ecowellness Health Management Ltd. und INtegrated ART I Holding AG

Enjoy getting healthy! How does that work? Healthy enjoyment and sustainability.

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11.10.2017 | 12:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Culinary Stage, Bio-Produkte, Vegetarische Produkte, Health & Functional Food, Fine Food, Meat, Chilled and Fresh Food, Dairy, Bread & Bakery, Ingredients, Fair gehandelte Produkte, Vegane Produkte, Handelsmarken, Culinary Concepts, Organic, Gourmet Produkte und regionale Spezialitäten
Ecowellness Health Management Ltd. und INtegrated ART I Holding AG
Ostendstraße 25
12459 Berlin
+49(0)30-30366 5910

The event

Products and recipes from the new organic standard EcoWellness.

Show featuring personalities from the medical, political and food service sectors, hosted by the CEO of IFOAM Organics International, Markus Arbenz as well as tasting sessions with the EcoWellness expert, Stefan Tomek; the ecotrophologist, Britta Ungruh from the certifier Peterson Controlunion; the pomegranate pioneer, Werner Retter, the Senior Insights Director Consumer Experiences, Gesellschaft für Konsumgüterforschung Dr. Robert Kecskes and further contract partners

Deficits or toxins in the end product? Health food claims that are false? Too much sugar? IFOAM Organics International will put an end to all this with the worldwide accreditation of the integrative EcoWellness-Standard.
For the new seal of quality, an end product analysis and allergen reduction are requirements, and verification of health-promoting substances and personalization to the consumer are the rule.
Nutrition with a has never tasted so good!


On the picture you can see Michelin decorated Star Chef Sabi from New Delhi & EcoWellness CEO and writer Tomek.