Cologne: 09.–13.10.2021 #anuga

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Discover Anuga trend themes

11 food trends at Anuga 2021

Currently, the food and beverage industry is dominated by a total of 7 food trends. In addition, there are 4 focus topics with a special market significance. As the world's largest and leading food fair, Anuga demonstrates a strong trend and future orientation. At the same time, Anuga shows business potential with its focus themes.

If you are looking for the latest product innovations, potential topics and food trends, then Anuga 2021 is a must for you! Here you will find the relevant exhibitors, who will be exhibiting according to their trend and focus themes.

Anuga trend theme Functional and free from products

Last year, already 23% of all new food products showed a “free from” note and next year, even more food producers will follow this food trend.

Anuga trend theme Halal food

Halal-certified foods are also part of the food trend. Their demand is rising in Eastern and Western Europe. The growing halal product range comprises among others halal convenience products and halal cold meats.

Anuga trend theme Kosher products

Only in North America, 65% of all food product launches were kosher in 2018 and the demand for kosher products is still rising.

Anuga trend theme Non-GMO products

Products with a “Non-GMO” claim also follow the healthy food trend. A very high proportion of Non-GMO products can be found in the baby and infant food segment.

Anuga trend theme Organic products

Organic products are still a strong food trend. The market for organic products is growing fast especially in Europe.

Anuga trend theme Products with protected designation of origin

Consumers become more and more aware of the importance of the origin of food. They want to know as much as possible about the single steps of food production. The more transparent the process, the more trustworthy it becomes.

Anuga trend theme Ready-To-Eat products

Ready-to-eat products are another lasting food trend. Healthy and nutritious variants become a more and more popular snack in many people’s everyday life.

Anuga trend theme Superfoods

The superfood trend still remains. High-quality products promise health benefits and are therefore particularly popular with health-conscious consumers.

Anuga trend theme Products Based On Fairtrade

Fairly traded products are still a niche market. However, they show a constant annual growth. Confectionery and hot beverages are two of the main categories of this food trend.

Anuga trend theme Vegan Products

The market for vegan products is still growing. Some of the main categories are cereal and energy bars, meat substitute products as well plant-based milk alternatives.

Anuga trend theme Vegetarian Products

Vegetarian products are still a food trend. Many products that are naturally free of meat are labelled as vegetarian. But Vegetarians are not the only target group: More and more people consume vegetarian products occasionally.