Cologne: 09.–13.10.2021 #anuga

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Discover Food Trends and Key Topics

Food Trends and Key Topics at Anuga 2021

Currently, the food and beverage industry is dominated by a total of 7 food trends. In addition there are 4 focus topics with a special market significance. As the world's largest and leading food fair, Anuga demonstrates a strong trend and future orientation. At the same time, Anuga shows business potential with its focus themes.

If you are looking for the latest product innovations, potential topics and food trends, Anuga 2021 is a must-attend event for you! Here you can find relevant exhibitors according to their trend and focus topics.

Anuga food trend Alternative Meat Proteins

Meat substitutes - from laboratory meat/ in vitro meat to insects: Research assumes that the global meat market will continue to grow, but new meat alternatives and cultivated meat are expected to increasingly replace conventional meat

Anuga food trend Clean Label

Clean labels or food products that completely or partially dispense with certain ingredients continue to gain importance. Anuga Clean Label takes into account the megatrend of sustainability and the growing demand for clean eating. Consumers are showing increased interest in a return to natural or traditional food production. This includes products with the reference "Without genetic modification" as well as products from the 'Natural' sector.

Anuga food trend Convenience & Snacking

Snackification trend: Ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook, to-go products, chilled food - snacks for people on the go are in great demand. What used to be called "snacking" is now often becoming "real" food - as flexible, healthy mini-meals. In future food culture, every food, every drink and every dish can become a mini-meal: Snacking is becoming a new way of eating.

Anuga food trend Free From & Health Foods

These products take up the megatrend "health". 70% of the exhibitors and visitors at Anuga 2019 named "health" as the most important industry trend for the next 2-5 years. The free-fromboom is driven by growing intolerances to certain ingredients. Thus, food with additional health benefits is considered the growth market of the future.

Anuga food trend Vegetarian Products

The culinary revaluation of plant foods is in full swing. The decisive factor here: No longer the imitation of animal products, but health and fitness are the focus of attention. Includes trend characteristics such as flexitarian, vegetarian nutrition, vegan novel food products that imitate animal products on a vegetable basis. This appeals to consumers who want to eat healthier and reduce extensive meat consumption, also for ecological reasons.

Anuga food trend Superfoods & Ancient Grains

Superfoods and Ancient Grains have become popular products in recent years. The 'resurrection' of cereals such as quinoa, teff, amaranth, millet and sorghum has aroused a great interest among consumers and thus also among buyers. The superfood trend continues. The products promise health benefits and are particularly popular with health-conscious consumers.

Anuga food trend

For more and more producers, restaurateurs and consumers, sustainability is becoming an essential criterion when dealing with food and meals.

Anuga key topic Halal food

Halal-certified foods are also one of the key issues in the international food industry. The demand is increasing not only in Eastern Europe but also in Western Europe. The Halal assortment is expected to grow in the future, including Halal finished products, Halal sausage and many other products.

Anuga key topic Kosher products

The demand for kosher products is increasing. According to Innova Market Insights data on product introductions, the distribution of these foods, which comply with Jewish dietary laws, is increasing. Most kosher references are to the main categories of baked goods, sauces and seasonings, and snacks.

Anuga key topic Gourmet & Specialty Foods

Premiumisation of food and beverages, delicatessen products, high-quality food. This also includes products with special designation of origin and protected geographical indications. There are consumer groups which are becoming increasingly sensitive to the origin and quality of food.

Anuga key topic Private Label

Private labels are enjoying growing popularity and their market share is increasing. Private labels are enjoying growing popularity and their market share is increasing - in recent years, private labels have developed into an increasingly important instrument in stationary trade and are therefore also a central component of the product range at Anuga.