Cologne: 07.–11.10.2023 #anuga

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Organic Forum - Bio in den USA: Integrität bewahren | Event on the Anuga 2021
bioPress Verlag KG

Organic Forum - Organic in the USA: upholding integrity

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11.10.2021 | 3:30 p.m. - 4:35 p.m.
Anuga Main Stage

bioPress Verlag KG
Schulstr. 10
74927 Eschelbronn
+49 6226 95110

The event

Organic without soil. How could this become possible? The lobby efforts of big agro was suddenly able to redefine organic properties and  with disastrous consequences. The lawmakers defined away soil in plant cultivation and allowed hydroponics. Capital-rich companies have since rolled out more and more plastic over the soil and put plant pots with expanded clay and nutrient solution on top for growing and maintaining organic produce. Containers are also producing without soil. Real organic farmers, with soil under their feet, are at a disadvantage with their natural cultivation methods. They cannot produce as cheaply and are squeezed out of the organic market with their real organic produce.