Cologne: 07.–11.10.2023 #anuga

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  Anja Leissner | Speaker of the Anuga 2021


Anja Leissner

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Anja Leissner Funder and Head of R&D
Stockeld Dreamery

Anja Leissner

Anja Leissner comes from a food loving family with a background in biotechnology, food science, microbiology, dairy technology and nutrition. She has diverse expertise in the food industry and loves teaching, with a long interest in technology and food processing and in how our food is impacting our health. A deep dive into the world of plant proteins in 2017 resulted in the foundation of Stockeld Dreamery (then: Noquo Foods) with Sorosh Tavakoli in early 2019. The company is now 23 people strong and launched its first product, Chunk, in May 2021, with plenty more products to come. Anja is a mentor to other start-ups, a passionate kombucha drinker and fermentation promoter, with a limitless belief in human potential. The presentation will be on why Stockeld Dreamery set out to create the world's most ambitious cheese and address the challenges with developing and launching new alternatives to the foods we love. Focus has been on developing superior products, finding the right talents, building a team, evaluating ingredients as well as figuring out go to market strategies and trying to understand how to win the hearts of the people. Stockeld Dreamery is a technology and plant agnostic and consumer focused company who always strives to do better, not for perfection. Obsessing over cheese and the taste experience led us to work closely with chefs since the beginning of developing delicious products that fit within our planetary boundaries. Not faking it, just making it, for everyday and everyone!