Cologne: 05.–09.10.2019


Anuga Bread & Bakery

The Anuga Start-up Area of the Anuga Bread & Bakery trade fair presents around 12 innovative start-ups from 9 different countries. The exclusive placement of the Start-up Area in Hall 2.2 offers an outstanding presentation platform for the participating start-ups.

Daily pitches on the start-up stage offer trade visitors the opportunity to experience the product presentations of the start-ups live.

You can find the detailed times here.
Anuga Start-ups hall 2.2 - Happy Honey - #tasteofhappiness #tastyandhealthy #happyhoney

Happy Honey

Happy Honey is a startup with an innovative brand that represents a mixture of cold pressed raw honey and supplements in the form of lyophilized fruit - raspberries, apricots, plums and organic - cocoa and ginger.

#tasteofhappiness #tastyandhealthy #happyhoney

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Anuga Start-ups hall 2.2 - KOMEKO GmbH - #foodinnovation #komeko #glutenfree


The unique KOMEKO rice flours allow innovative and easy gluten-free baking without additives or binders. Doughs can be handled easily. Enjoy gluten-free baked goods with clean label and full taste!

#foodinnovation #komeko #glutenfree

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Anuga Start-ups hall 2.2 - MB Alkepa - #freefromdessertsandsnacks #vegan #pastriesandsweets

MB Alkepa

Producing desserts and sweet snacks with an idea that healthy should be equally loved and enjoyed not only by those who look for Free - From alternatives, but for every sweets loving person.

#freefromdessertsandsnacks #vegan #pastriesandsweets

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Anuga Start-ups hall 2.2 - Glencoe Studio, LLC - #chocolatecandles #LightandEat #innovativeBirthdayCandles

Glencoe Studio, LLC

Let them EAT Candles are chocolate candles that you can LIGHT and EAT! They won't melt when lit. They enhance any celebration and taste great! This new innovative product excites consumers and results in significant incremental sales to retailers.

#chocolatecandles #LightandEat #innovativeBirthdayCandles

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Anuga Start-ups hall 2.2 - BenFit-Nutrition GmbH - #breadrevolution #highprotein #breadislife

BenFit-Nutrition GmbH

BenFit's innovative approach makes any bakery product healthy, satiating and of very high biological quality. Test, enjoy and be enthusiastic.

#breadrevolution #highprotein #breadislife

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Anuga Start-ups hall 2.2 - Rok's nut butter d.o.o - #nuts #rok'spowerpouch #rok's

Rok's nut butter d.o.o

Rok's was founded in 2017 with the help of Kickstarter, by Rok Staric. The company successfully launched one product called Rok’s Peanut butter and changed the way people think about nut butter in central EU. By now, Rok's has created 9 different products that never cease to amaze.

#nuts #rok'spowerpouch #rok's

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Anuga Start-ups hall 2.2 - Farm Brothers - #Organic cookies #B-Cooperation #Vegan

Farm Brothers

Farm Brothers is making 100 % organic cookies and also has vegan and kids lines and is based in Amsterdam. Our cookies are made of oats, spelt and rye and are all palm oil-free. Per sold pack of cookies we buy and donate 8cm2 (the size of a cookie) of degraded earth to a farmer who is transitioning to organic farming so this land can be regenerated. We save the soil, one cookie at a time!

#Organic cookies #B-Cooperation #Vegan

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Anuga Start-ups hall 2.2 - MYNUT - #Nut cream #spread #sports nutrition


Mynut creates exclusive nut cream for gourmets who love to enjoy.

#Nut cream #spread #sports nutrition

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Anuga Start-ups hall 2.2 - Thesaurus of the Sun - #JamforHotels #TomatoJam #AuthenticProducts

Thesaurus of the Sun

Our company produces Jams and Spreads from the finest raw materials and now we are launching our new series of HORECA products (individual portions).

#JamforHotels #TomatoJam #AuthenticProducts

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Anuga Start-ups hall 2.2 - Me Gusto Sp. Z o.o. - #vegan #organic #bio

Me Gusto Sp. Z o.o.

Manufacturer of vegan, organic, gluten and palm oil free confectionary.

#vegan #organic #bio

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Anuga Start-ups hall 2.2 - MUNICH FOOD ART GBR - #100% Rohkostbrot #Fermentiert - Glutenfrei #Vegan


THE RAWBREAD is fermented, gluten-free and vegan. Because not baked, the valuable ingredients remain: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, flavonoids and fiber.

#100% Rohkostbrot #Fermentiert - Glutenfrei #Vegan

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Anuga Start-ups hall 2.2 - Dulanda GmbH - #highproteinlowcarb #gesundundlecker #Minutenbrot

Dulanda GmbH

Minutenbrot® is the bread mix for a delicious and nutritional bread. Packed with protein and low carbohydrates, the bread is without additives or yeast – a chock full of goodness with valuable superfoods, Ω-3-fattyacids and fibre; vegan and gluten free. What’s more, it’s so simple to prepare in just 3 min. using the microwave.

#highproteinlowcarb #gesundundlecker #Minutenbrot

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