Cologne: 09.–13.10.2021 #anuga

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Anuga Chilled & Fresh Food

The Anuga Start-up Area of the Anuga Chilled & Fresh Food and Anuga Organic trade fair presented around 20 innovative start-ups from 5 different countries. The exclusive placement of the Start-up Area in hall 5.1 offered an outstanding presentation platform for the participating start-ups.

Daily pitches on the start-up stage offered trade visitors the opportunity to experience the product presentations of the start-ups live.

Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - Pure Baby Foods BV - #Cold-pressed #organic baby food #ideal for on-the-go

Pure Baby Foods BV

Pure Baby Foods makes cold-pressed & organic baby food. By using cold-pressure we maintain nutritional value, freshness and taste. Finally baby food which is younger than the baby which will eat it.

#Cold-pressed #organic baby food #ideal for on-the-go

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Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - Frubaca Cooperative - Copa - #freshcoldpressedjuice #farmerscooperative #dairyfreesolutions

Frubaca Cooperative - Copa

Copa is a just relaunched brand that produces fresh juices from fresh fruits and vegetables. We are a farmers owned cooperative from southern Europe. Our innovative fresh solutions are all natural and produced using just HPP Cold Pressed technology.

#freshcoldpressedjuice #farmerscooperative #dairyfreesolutions

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Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - Holy Moly Dips Ltd - #taste as good as homemade #100% natural #Vegan,diary & gluten free

Holy Moly Dips Ltd

British start-up, Holy Moly, produce an innovative range of 100% natural dips & snacking products that taste as good as homemade. All their products are vegan and free from allergens & preservatives.

#taste as good as homemade #100% natural #Vegan,diary & gluten free

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Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - Happy Cheeze GmbH - #eatandsmile #madefromcashews #happy

Happy Cheeze GmbH

Happy Cashew stands for innovative vegan cheese-, and milk alternatives: 100% vegan, organic, gluten-free, without additives, based on delicious organic Cashews! Hand-made with love! Happy Cashew follows the mission to make the world a better happier place! - Pure happiness, which you can taste with every bite.

#eatandsmile #madefromcashews #happy

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Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - Oh My Dough GmbH - #cookiedough #vegancookiedough #organicfood

Oh My Dough GmbH

Yeah! Finally, there is a cookie dough that you can enjoy raw straight from the jar. OH MY DOUGH is Europes’s first ready-to-eat organic cookie dough that is completely egg-free and produced with a special flour.

#cookiedough #vegancookiedough #organicfood

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Anuga Organic

Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - LICORNE GMBH & CO KG - #livingsuperfood #vegan #mandelstattmuh #cashewstattkuh


Licorne produces vegan yoghurt- and cream cheese alternatives. The almond and cashew-based treats are made using traditional dairy fermentation, without preservatives, soy or synthetic flavours.

#livingsuperfood #vegan #mandelstattmuh #cashewstattkuh

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Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - Kaestler GmbH - #butterverdelung #delikatessen #bio

Kaestler GmbH

We produce delicious organic butter variations of the highest quality, only using natural ingredients, protected by a compostable and sustainable packaging.

#butterverdelung #delikatessen #bio

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Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - Seedheart GmbH - #power breakfast #gluten-free #mülsinurganzanders

Seedheart GmbH

Seedheart is a gluten-free power breakfast consisting only of seeds, kernels and extraordinary dried fruit - as healthy and nutrient-packed as possible!

#power breakfast #gluten-free #mülsinurganzanders

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Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - Jarmino - #bioconveniecefood #cleanlabenprodukte #soups


JARMINO offers clean label soups & collagen-rich bone broths in glass jars free from refined sugar, free from thickeners, without additives & preservatives, gluten free, lactose free.

#bioconveniecefood #cleanlabenprodukte #soups

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Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - Laia's Proteinhanf GmbH - #sustainability #hanf #bio

Laia's Proteinhanf GmbH

Laia's Organic is a Berlin-based, B-corp certified, startup that produces delicious and nutritious organic hemp food products that are sourced directly from European farmers.

#sustainability #hanf #bio

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Anuga Start-ups Halle 5.1 - JLT GmbH Frau Ultrafrisch - #frauultrafrisch #conveniencefood #bio,vegan,gutenfrei

JLT GmbH Frau Ultrafrisch

Enable people to prepare a conscious and at the same time quickly prepared meal is aspiration and the aim of Frau Ultrafrisch. Her motto is: Good food needs to be as tasty and easily prepared as junk food. I am there for you if you are starving with good ingredients, a huge choice and lots of love – be it in the morning, afternoon, evening or whenever in between.

#frauultrafrisch #conveniencefood #bio,vegan,gutenfrei

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Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - Alenion GmbH - #fruitballs #fruitsnacks #naturalsweets

Alenion GmbH

Yammbits Fruit Balls sind die fruchtigen Kugeln für fitte Genießer. Gesund oder lecker? Das war gestern! Die köstlichen Kugeln aus 100% Bio-Früchten sind der ideale Snack für den gesunden Lifestyle.

#fruitballs #fruitsnacks #naturalsweets

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Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - Edamama GmbH -#eatbetternotless #edamamafoods #myedamama

Edamama GmbH

Pasta made from 100% organic beans with incredible nutritional values: 2 x more protein than chicken, 4 x less carbs than wheat pasta and 3 x more fiber than whole grain bread. Eat better not less!

#eatbetternotless #edamamafoods #myedamama

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Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - BO Berlin Organics GmbH - #bio-functionalfood #superfoods #optimiertenahrung

BO Berlin Organics GmbH

Berlin Organics stands for natural, healthy, optimized organic food for a healthy lifestyle.

#bio-functionalfood #superfoods #optimiertenahrung

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Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - Streuobstwiesen Manufaktur GmbH - #biodiversity #artenschutz #innovation

Streuobstwiesen Manufaktur GmbH

We are producing juice, spritzer (aka „Schorlen“) and Cider in organic-certified quality without the use of any additives whatsoever. For our drinks we only use old breeds of cider apples coming from fruit orchards in East Germany which inhabit up to 5.000 species of plants and animals.

#biodiversity #artenschutz #innovation

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Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - Fairment - #kombucha #trinkleben #fairmentlifestyle


Drink life! We are a Kombuchamanufaktur in the heart of Berlin and produce living Kombucha. Microorganisms are our friends and help us to femenate food wholesome, durable and uniquely delicious. With us you get real Kombucha..

#kombucha #trinkleben #fairmentlifestyle

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Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - ManuTeeFaktur Elixir GmbH - #BetterForYou #HealthStyle #BornNotMade

ManuTeeFaktur Elixir GmbH

The ‘better for you’ Pioneer from Berlin. Manu’s portefolio offers crafted Cold-Brew Ice-Teas, RAW-Kombuchas and CBD Pushs. Reduced to the essential: LifeStyle meets HealthStyle.

#BetterForYou #HealthStyle #BornNotMade

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Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - Bio Organicos Maya S de PR de RL - #stevia #bio #healthy

Bio Organicos Maya S de PR de RL

We produce pure, organic, green stevia, naturally cultivated in the tropical climate of Southern Mexico, known for its unique sweet flavor and amazing health benefits. Our certified organic products stand for our love and respect to our land and the Mexican people, giving you the possibility to live healthy and enjoy the sweet side of life.

#stevia #bio #healthy

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Anuga Start-ups hall 5.1 - Black Elephant - #vegan - palm oil free #organic #sustainable

Black Elephant

Dairy-free butter, no palm oil and all organic. No matter if you want to bake, cook or fry, get the real buttery taste, texture and melt with our range of butter alternatives: "Da lacht das Kalb", Cook & Bake and KitchenOil. Simply Yummy!

#vegan - palm oil free #organic #sustainable

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