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Halal food

Halal certified foods, which are foods that are permitted to be consumed in accordance with Islamic dietary law, are gaining more traction. Rising demand for convenience foods that meet halal standards in emerging Middle Eastern markets, coupled with a growing need for these products in the West has led to strong growth in halal certified foods. Halal food launches have a steady annual average annual growth of 10.7% globally. In 2018, 67% of halal foods launches were reported in Asia, where the largest share of the world’s Muslim population lives. Africa and Middle East also concentrate an important market of halal foods. In the order of category number of product launches, bakery, sauces & seasonings, snacks and dairy are the most important; whereas soft drinks and cereals categories experienced a fast growth from 2017 to 2018.

Top market categories of food & beverages launches with a “halal” claim (Global, 2018):

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(Source: Innova Market Insights)

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