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Kosher products

The demand for products that meet kosher standards is intensifying. These foods that conform to Jewish dietary law are increasing in prevalence worldwide according to Innova Market Insights new product launch data. In 2018, 33% of kosher product were also gluten-free, 25% were GMO-free and 22% had a “no additives and preservatives” claim. The main categories for kosher claims are bakery, sauces & seasonings and snacks. The biggest market is North America, where in 2018, 65% of all kosher food & beverages launches were reported. Latin America, with 13% of the kosher launches, is also the fastest growing region for kosher launches, with an annual average growth of 32% (CAGR 2014-2018).

Top market category of food & beverages launches with “kosher” claim in 2018:

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(Source: Innova Market Insights)

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