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Bioitalia story

Bioitalia roots date back to 1950 when my father started to sell bulk oils peddling from door to door in our native land, located at the feet of Vesuvius, nearby Naples. Year by year sales increased and at the end of '70s, he enlarged his activity starting as a wholesaler for the small grocery stores of the area. The family enlarged as well and thanks to his five sons there was always someone who gave a hand with the business. In that period, I was about 20 years old and, as like every young boy, I didn't like the idea to work with my father: I was rather a rebel and wanted to do something by myself! Thus, I started finding some occasional jobs completely different from the oil business (I even sold pot sets door-to-door!).

But then in early '80s, a new opportunity arrived: my elder brothers decided to establish a proper company to mill olives and to pack oil (let's think about the fact that before that period oil was only sold in bulk containers). I entered again into our family-run company and big results arrived soon: our quality oils were sold everywhere in Italy and abroad, above all in the United States, both under our label and under famous private labels. I can still remember how we were shocked in receiving a congratulation letter coming from the White House. A great success!
But my desire for new ideas still stirred into my mind: it was then that I first thought about "Organic". I was working in the Research and Development dept and the idea of organic production started to tickle my fancy. It was time to begin producing a more natural product, obtained from pure raw materials, that could also give the company the opportunity to approach a new consumer target.

At that time (early '90s), organic foods were still a niche of the market, just sold in small healthy shops where only a few "connoisseurs" consumers of organic entered into to buy. This was the new challenge to take! To make organic products known and affordable to more consumers: everyone should deserve a tasteful and natural meal. But how to do it? The only way was to process organic foods in proper manufacturing plants where the lower cost of production could match with high food safety standards. This was the idea that gave birth to the Consorzio Bioitalia Alimentare founded in 1994, where our family company joined together with other three big factories: each one would have contributed with his own experience to manufacture organic oils, tomatoes, pulses, pasta, and wines.
We were the pioneers of a new era for Organic.

We really wanted to invest all our forces to make something actually good for us and for everyone. Good for respecting nature and the animals; good for making no use of harmful substances; good for being simply but wisely made.

Bioitalia products are sons of the Mediterranean diet and express the flavors of our lands. Thanks to the combination of organic farming and advanced industrial technologies, we can indeed produce high-quality foods at a fair price, sitting down at the table of several families in more than 40 countries now, that believe in the organic cause and trust in the “made in Italy”.

To deepen the pursuit of food safety and clearness, Bioitalia chose to employ a special system to get products with a trusted origin, supervised and guaranteed from the field to the table. In 2012 we started the voluntary certification according to the UNI EN ISO 22005 standards to create the Certified Organic Chain of wheat, olives, and tomatoes.

A certified chain is a closed system, made up of all the members of the productive cycle united to offer products that come uniquely from chain fields and plants. Bioitalia works as the chain leader and is responsible for the choice and qualification of farms, for the manufacturing and storage plants, and for the control of the manufacturing process. As a matter of facts, Bioitalia signs special agreements with the selected farmers scheduling the productions and fixing minimum guaranteed prices. In this way, farmers are really happy to work with us and also consumers get more guarantees, since the foods they eat just come from selected fields and raw materials. A unique "guarantee of origin".

At the same time Bioitalia helps small local farmers to keep on producing products that are symbols of the local food tradition, eg. Cherry tomatoes of Piennolo of Vesuvius (an ancient way to preserve tomatoes, thus getting uniquely sweet and delicate flavor), that won the first prize as the most innovative food product at SANA expo in 2013. Moreover, thanks to the cooperation between Bioitalia Quality Managers and the researchers of the University of Naples, started some years ago, we also help farmers in growing old varieties of vegetables that, otherwise, would have been stopped thus losing a part of of our food history. This is the case of our Zucchini spread, made with San Pasquale and Bianco di Sicilia varieties, whose rich flavors make difference (winner at Anuga expo 2013) and of the Flavored Oils (BasilicOlio, PeperOlio and LimonOlio), an infusion of fresh ingredients, cold extracted by ultrasounds, into extra virgin olive oil.

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