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Largest laying hen hatchery in Europe - Verbeek´s Broederij B.V. implements in-ovo sexing with respeggt group to end chick culling

respeggt group and Verbeek´s Broederij B.V. have entered into a collaboration to reduce the number of day-old male chicks that are culled in the Netherlands for the German and other KAT-certified egg markets. The SELEGGT Circuit state-of-the-art technology for gender identification in the hatching egg will be installed in the Verbeek hatchery in September 2021. The equipment will be put into use immediately after installation and on a frequent basis to successively reduce the number of day-old chicks culled at Verbeek. Packing centres will then have the option of ordering Novogen and other genetic breeds of chicks that are “Free of Chick Culling” due to gender identification on the 9th day of incubation.

“We admire the innovative spirit of Verbeek and are very much looking forward to this new col-laboration. As Verbeek is the biggest laying hen hatchery in Europe, we hope that the ‘Free of Chick Culling’ respeggt eggs with our heart-shaped label will soon be much more visible in the Dutch and German supermarkets. The future of the egg industry is ‘Free of Chick Culling’ and this great step should be communicated to the customers,” says Martijn Haarman, managing director of respeggt group.

“After examining all the options to end chick culling in our hatchery, we chose respeggt because their method is ethical, sustainable and efficient for the early determination of sex. The machine can already be put into short-term use. Furthermore, with their systems, respeggt is a pioneer in our sector. From a technical perspective, that gives us trust. With the implementation of this technology in our hatchery we want our company to be ready for the future and to ensure high animal welfare standards,” says Herman Brus, managing director of Verbeek´s Broederij B.V.
Verbeek´s Broederij B.V. supplies laying hen hatching eggs, day-old chicks and pullets to poultry farmers in the Netherlands and abroad. For this purpose, Verbeek operates a modern laying hen hatchery in Zeewolde in the Netherlands as well as various rearing farms in Europe for the rear-ing of day-old female chicks. The laying hen hatchery is the largest in Europe and offers primarily Novogen breeds.

respeggt group is a service provider specialized in early gender identification in the hatching egg by applying the SELEGGT Circuit technology. Additionally, respeggt ensures the added value “Free of Chick Culling” through the supply chain verification of every hatch. Customers can al-ready find eggs branded with the respeggt label “Free of Chick Culling” in more than 6,000 su-permarkets and discount supermarkets in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland.

The total hatchery capacity of Verbeek´s Broederij B.V. is 30 million layer chicks per year. The collaboration between Verbeek and respeggt will allow an annual output of more than 10 million female respeggt laying hens that lay over 3 billion “Free of Chick Culling” respeggt eggs for the German and other KAT-certified egg markets.

For more information: - hatchery website - consumer website - system partner website - gender identification technology website

respeggt – we stand for “Free of Chick Culling!”

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