Cologne: 07.–11.10.2023 #anuga

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  Henrik Christensen | Speaker of the Anuga 2023


Henrik Christensen
Perfect Season
Key subjects
Organic on Stage

About Henrik Christensen

We are trying to convert the meatfull dinner plate into a plant based one - we avoid all discussion about using soy, tofu, proteins or not - we try to collect the best of our kitchen garden, we put it together, make a nice texture and a full, tastefull dinner plate afterwards.

Perfect Season finds itself on the crossing line from starting up to being a grown up. Volume sales has become an issue - and is it dangerous to be in this position? How do you avoid to make compromises of your passion and founding idea when you have 9 heads to feed and a production to be running all days a week?

Henrik is a passionate business man and he is focused on sales and very good at it. Perfect Season has been helped along the way with external investors, what is the strategy of tomorrow? How do you plan to evolve your company? What are your future barriers?