Cologne: 04.–08.10.2025 #anuga

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  Morten Fenger | Speaker of the Anuga 2023


Morten Fenger
Organic Plant Protein
Chef and plant-based organic innovator
Key subjects
Organic on Stage

About Morten Fenger

Chef and plant-based organic innovator.
Plant-based food can be both tasty, satisfying, and healthy - but it requires skills and knowledge. Animal ingredients are easier at first, but plant-based has the potential to be both easier and superior on several levels.
Organic Plant Protein - A MEATLESS WORLD:
Is the dinner plate meatless in a few years time? How long time have we got to turn around the whole concept of eating? What are the drivers? How does Organic Plant Protein manage to convert a meatworld into a plant based world?

Morten will tell about the journey during a difficult birth to a worldwide succes and he will show his passion for plant based food and tell why it is so important that we all get there - and soon.
Organic Plant Protein is founded by two of our very first organic pioneers. They sold their strong retail brand and set-up this new plant with extruded pea and bean proteins for the industry and for bigger foodservice customers.
They are thinkers and will always be - they are the heros in Denmark today!