Cologne: 04.–08.10.2025 #anuga

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What are we having to eat tomorrow?

Anuga presents its new trade show Anuga Alternatives

Clear the stage for Anuga Alternatives! Anuga, no. 1 event for the food & beverage business, is presenting a new segment next year that exclusively revolves around the diversified product world of alternative proteins. From algae and insect protein, mushroom-based protein, through to cell-cultivated meat - with Anuga Alternatives, Anuga is emphasising its commitment to an innovative and sustainable supply of food in line with the top theme 'Sustainable Growth'.

Registration begin and important dates

Companies can register for the coming edition of Anuga from 23 May 2024 onwards.
The early bird phase ends on 30 September 2024.

Online application

Anuga Alternatives: The transformation in the food segment

The new segment is replacing the former "Anuga Out of Home" and reflects the growing significance and variety of plant-based alternatives. The manufacturers will no longer be bundled under their own segment, but instead integrated into the trade shows that match their respective offer to enable more efficient matchmaking.

Expert knowledge and social responsibility

Professionals from science and business circles and environment protection organisations will share their cognitions about the advantages of plant-based, fermented and cell-cultivated protein sources. The social aspects of food production, such as ethical procurement, biodiversity preservation and the social-economic effects of a plant-based diet will also be addressed in-depth here.

Market growth and consumer trends

With this new segment Anuga is reacting to the trade's growing trend of extending its line-up of plant-based own brands. This, in turn, is in response to the growing consumer demand: According to Innova Market Insights , a global market researcher, the market for plant-based meat substitute products in Germany has recorded significant growth both in terms of turnover and the number of product launches. Between 2022 and 2023 the market value increased by 7.8%, from a market size of USD 639 million in the year 2022 up to USD 689 million in the year 2023.

Facts about Anuga Alternatives

Almost 20% of the consumers worldwide have a positive attitude towards cell-based ingredients.

44% are prepared to try cultivated meat and dairy products and every third person is curious about cell-based milk (Innova Consumer Survey 2024).

Growth of Product Variety

- Insect-based proteins: New F&B products containing insect-based proteins have recorded strong growth with a CAGR of +114% over the past five years. The majority of these innovations originate from animal feed, but sports nutrition and cereal products are also recording growth with CAGRs of +11% and +32% respectively (Global, 2019-2023, Innova database).

- Cultivated and microbial-based proteins: Cultivated and microbial-based proteins, including mycoprotein and non-animal-based whey protein recorded a CAGR of +10%. In the year 2023, almost 59% of the product launches with these ingredients contained mycoprotein. Nutritional yeast protein and non-animal based whey protein are also experiencing strong growth rates of 60% and 24% respectively and are being increasingly implemented in dairy and bakery products (CAGRs +50% & 32%) (Innova database).

- Algae-based proteins: Algae-based products are growing with a CAGR of +17%. Kelp is the most frequently implemented algae, but red algae and kelp extract are showing the strongest growth with CAGRs of +32% and +26% respectively. 24% of the consumers are very interested in kelp in their diet (Innova Consumer Survey 2024).

- Other alternative proteins: In addition to algae, insects and cultivated proteins, the consumers are also interested in proteins gained from nuts, oats and soy. Almost half of the global consumers are interested in nuts as a source of protein. Almond protein records a CAGR of +23% in new F&B products (2019-2023). Seed proteins such as linseed and rape are also booming.

Alternative proteins are not a short-lived trend, but indeed the future of food. A healthy and sustainable supply of proteins will become an essential component for the food requirements of an ever increasing number of consumers.

Jan Philipp Hartmann
Director of Anuga


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