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Meet our Visitor with IBIS Backwaren

14 Jul 2021

Meet our Visitor: Interview with Michael Brungs, managing director of IBIS Backwarenvertriebs GmbH.

Michael Brungs, Managing Director of IBIS Backwarenvertriebs GmbH

As the world's leading trade fair for food and beverages, Anuga is the central business platform. Under the motto "Meet our Visitors", important industry players explain what significance Anuga has for them. In our first article, we talk to Michael Brungs, Managing Director of IBIS Backwarenvertriebs GmbH .

Important industry players explain what significance Anuga has for them

Mr. Brungs, in your view, will COVID-19 continue to change the "world of nutrition"?

IBIS Backwaren , as an explorer-baker with a focus on European bakery specialties, naturally has a very strong international network.

We have felt the Covid-19 pandemic on different levels. In terms of dietary habits, we can say for our industry that hygienically packaged baked goods have gained in importance. Our baked-on specialties are also in greater demand, as consumers want to stock more, plan better and thus appreciate the convenience level of a fresh baked-on product, such as our original French IBIS stone-baked baguettes. Another aspect is certainly that in such a time, consumers can go on a culinary journey with our products. And this can always be done with the IBIS Discover Baker (Entdecker-Baker) without restrictions, no matter how the pandemic develops. Consumers are thus learning to satisfy their needs in a more prudent, healthier way, and this is where a lot is currently changing in eating habits.

How important is Anuga for your own business?

Anuga is a driving force for us at IBIS Backwaren. We have been visiting Anuga for decades to look beyond our own nose and to keep an eye on trends and innovations. Since we bring at least 10 to 15 innovations to the market every year, industry observations, nutritional trends and impulses are immensely important to us.

Anuga offers a variety of inspirations, industry knowledge and a good view on the topic of current nutrition trends. Other industries can inspire here and important conversations with business contacts still take place best in person. So we look forward to Anuga 2021.

How important are trends and innovations in the context of Anuga for you? What trends do you expect to see in the coming months or in the long term?

In our bakery business, we see changes in eating habits, whether it's consumers' greater health awareness, or hygiene requirements for food. Many established consumption patterns, such as eating out, have been eliminated and replaced during the pandemic. Consumers are reorienting themselves and learning new eating habits.

For IBIS Bakery Products, Anuga 2021 is an important point of orientation. What does this development look like outside of baked goods? Getting into conversation about this and exchanging ideas about trends as well as topics is the main focus.

IBIS Backwaren is expanding its range more in the direction of bakery products in 2021 to take account of the changed consumption situations. We will focus more on topics such as protein, super foods and family meals and continue to drive these topics forward.

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