Cologne: 04.–08.10.2025 #anuga

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Anuga Trend Zone powered by Anuga HORIZON

In the Anuga Trend Zone, our knowledge partners Innova Market Insights B.V. and Euromonitor International Limited, along with other speakers, presented insightful and up-to-date research findings on the development of the food and beverage industry.

You could find the Anuga Trend Zone again this year on the Nordboulevard in front of Hall 8.

This year, Innova Market Insights B.V. focused on the following highlight topics:

Sustainable Growth

Innova provides a deep insight into the main theme of Anuga 2023: Sustainable Growth. This theme, chosen by the Anuga community as a significant focal point, encompasses environmental concerns and solutions in the food industry, as well as the associated economic and humanitarian impacts. Innova Market Insights, a global market research agency and knowledge partner of Anuga, will provide the audience with insights into market trends, innovations, and consumer values related to sustainability in the food industry.


Sifra Eigenraam holds a Master's Degree in Nutrition and Health and works as Customer Success Manager at Innova Market Insights. She works closely with clients and supports them in retrieving relevant insights from the Innova platforms. Sifra supports her customers with strategic and future-oriented solutions. After having introduced Anuga’s key topic of “Sustainable Growth” during the Snapshot Series, a set of webinars by Innova and Anuga ahead of the event, Sifra will now offer a deep-dive into sustainable solutions at the Anuga Trend Zone.

Nutritional Value at the Right Price

As consumers seek affordable yet nutritious options, this presentation explores topics such as optimizing the production and pricing of everyday food, the potential for cost reduction through waste reduction, and the significant role technology will play in future supply of affordable and accessible food. Join Innova Market Insights' daily presentation, which sheds light on the Anuga theme of "Sustainable Growth" from a broader perspective of the food industry.


Nicole Jansen, Team Manager Insights & Innovation, holds a master's degree in Food Quality Management and leads the Insights & Innovation team at Innova Market Insights. She works closely with clients, assisting them in gaining relevant insights from the Innova database and associated platforms. Through regular communication with clients, she identifies their information needs and helps professionals grow their businesses with state-of-the-art insights solutions.

Generational Push: The Impact of Gen Z Consumers and Future Opportunities

Innova Market Insights' number 3 in their Top Ten Trends for this year is "Generational Push." Generation Z consists of younger consumers who actively share their views and expect companies to consider their opinions in the development of products, flavors, and strategies. This generation has a significant influence on the market and defines which offerings are relevant. They appreciate positive interaction with companies and are constantly seeking new experiences. Don’t miss this daily session by Innova Market Insights, Knowledge Partner to Anuga, to learn how brands can maximize commercial opportunities and effectively engage with Generation Z.


As Sr. Consumer & Market Analyst for Innova Market Insights, Hector Parra is responsible for the specialized analysis of topics that have a significant influence on the current development of the food industry, delivering strategic insights, both to clients in LATAM and globally. He has extensive experience in innovation and new product development and his track record includes roles in Mexico and the Netherlands. He is a biotechnology engineer and has a master's degree in “Food Innovation and Management” from Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Euromonitor International focused on the following topic:

Plant-Based at a Tipping Point: The Future of Food in Europe

Presenters: Tristan Höver, Research Consultant, and Javier Muñoz, Research Analyst.

About the speakers:

Tristan is a Senior Research Analyst at the Euromonitor International office in Düsseldorf. As part of the Food & Nutrition team in the DACH region, Tristan is responsible for analysing the latest trends and developments that impact the food and nutrition industry, with a focus on the German market. Tristan also contributes directly to the quality of Euromonitor's global research as a member of the global team for cooking ingredients and meals. His analysis has been featured in esteemed business publications such as Handelsblatt, and he has been a speaker at multiple renowned trade shows and conferences.

Javier joined the Euromonitor International office in Düsseldorf as a Research Analyst in February 2022. In his current role, Javier analyses the latest trends and developments that influence the food and nutrition industry in the DACH region, with a specific focus on Germany. Javier holds an Associate Degree in International Business and a BA in Sociology.


The focus of Anuga HORIZON was on innovative technologies, forward-looking trends and pioneering solutions that rethink food production, processing, distribution and consumption.

See the full event schedule with all the speaker details and valuable information:

Anuga Trend Zone event details

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Anuga Trend Zone powered by Anuga HORIZON event schedule

See the full event schedule with all the speaker details and valuable information.

Anuga Trend Zone event details

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