Cologne: 04.–08.10.2025 #anuga

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Start-up Area for young companies

Discover various young start-up companies showcasing their products at the Anuga trade fair!

Gastrocool Logo

Gastro-Cool sponsored the refrigerators and freezers for all participating start-ups.
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Anuga Bread & Bakery

Tenerita Logo


The biscuits and leavened goods produced by the Italian company TenerITA' are the essence of authentic Italian tradition, made with quality raw materials, honouring the tradition and aiming to bring the typical flavors of Italian confectionery art to the world, while also ensuring full traceability and sustainability of each product. The Vivace line offers fragrant biscuits with genuine flavors and with an alternative designed especially for lactose intolerant people. TenerITA''s leavened goods are made with daily-freshened sourdough starter: Pandì, Panettoni and Colombe will take you on a journey between quality and authenticity.

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La Dolce Vegan Srls, Società Benefit Logo

La Dolce Vegan Srls, Società Benefit

La Dolce Vegan is a unique sustainability-focused artisanal bakery brand from Tuscany, Italy which produces modern and delicious plant-based versions of traditional favourites to be enjoyed by vegans, as well by as those who seek to incorporate healthier options without compromising on taste. We are proud to be exhibiting in the Anuga Start-Up Area for young and innovative new companies entering the market.

Presenting Plantuccini®, our 100% plant-based interpretation of the traditional Tuscan biscuit “cantuccini,” which we proudly make by hand in Florence, Italy. Available in five flavours (with new flavours coming soon), our Plantuccini® are made with some of the finest Italian ingredients and baked in small batches to ensure an irresistibly tender centre, and perfectly crunchy exterior. As a Società Benefit (Benefit Company), we carefully select our suppliers and partners to ensure they share our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. Our Plantuccini® are made with love in Tuscany, and with love for Tuscany.

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Brain Foods Logo

Brain Foods

Experience the ultimate snacking adventure with Brain Foods Snacks! We offer delectable and guilt-free snacks to satisfy any craving. Our Brain Foods Snack Bundle suits various diets, making it an indulgence for all. Whether you need an on-the-go treat or quick energy, our bundle has you covered. At BRAIN FOODS, we're committed to reducing animal product consumption and ending exploitation across supply chains. Our goal is to nourish both mind and body by enhancing flavors and nutritional value. Enjoy our guilt-free, diverse, and aromatic products made from the finest ingredients.

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Anuga Chilled & Fresh Food

Hungry Monkey Logo

Hungry Monkey- The Fresh Fruit Snack Bar

The first ever CHILLED FRUIT SNACK BAR, fresh fruit without the mess!

Delicious, healthy, and filling. Made with exciting combinations of chopped FRESH fruits and VEGGIES, chia seeds, and the tasty goodness of superfoods, our HUNGRY MONKEY fresh bars are easy to snack on and take to go.

Cold processed to maintain all the goodness of the fresh ingredients, great for more than 65 days in the fridge and 24 hrs on the go!

PLANET POSITIVE, 20% of our bars are made using UP-CYCLED ingredients. Available in 5 great combinations. Also other amazing fresh snacks:Chia Pots, Overnight Oats, and Smoothie Bowls.

We help you turn good intentions into positive actions!

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Esencia Foods Logo

Esencia Foods

Esencia Foods produces seafood without fish - vegan, sustainable and natural with only two ingredients. The start-up combines an innovative biotechnological process with gastronomic demands on the product and especially the texture. As protein biomass, Esencia Foods uses mycelium, the muscle fibre-like threads of microorganisms and fungi commonly used in the food industry. The first product is a white fish fillet.

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Jai Foods GmbH Logo

Jai Foods GmbH

Under the "Jai Jai" brand Jai Foods GmbH markets high-quality Indian curries from London Michelin star chef Gaurav Bajaj as chilled premium ready meals. In addition to the sous-vide cooked curry (vegan or chicken), the hip London-style packaging also contains rice and a sachet of chili to spice up yourself. The dishes contain only natural ingredients. They can be heated in a microwave or water bath. The products are sold in the company's own online store, via Knuspr and via various REWE and EDEKA stores in the Cologne-Bonn area.

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Revo Foods GmbH Logo

Revo Foods GmbH

We are Revo Foods, a FoodTech company based in Austria, which specializes in the development and production of high quality fish and sea food alternatives. Our 100% plant- based products are already available in 20 European countries.

Our mission is to stop overfishing of the oceans by offering our customers delicious alternatives to conventional fish.

Our products are characterized by a high protein content and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. We have a clear goal in mind: tasty and nutritious products, suitable for everyone!

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Koa Switzerland AG Logo

Koa Switzerland AG

Koa is a Swiss-Ghanaian startup focused on upcycling previously discarded cocoa pulp to provide additional income to cocoa farmers. Koa shares the goal of revolutionizing the cocoa industry. Recently, Koa opened Africa's largest cocoa fruit processing plant in Ghana.

Koa produces only natural products, Koa Pure, Koa Concentrates and Koa Powders. All of these products are popular in the food and beverage industry as well as in restaurants, chocolatiers and artisan confectioners. They are appreciated for their sweet tropical and refreshingly citrusy taste.

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Happy Ocean Foods Logo

Happy Ocean Foods

Happy Ocean Shrymps natur:
Our vegan natural shrymps based on soy protein convince with their delicious shrimp taste and are a true power source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein.

Our vegan marinated shrymp:
Our vegan marinated shrymp are made with a soy protein base and coated in a delicious marinade of herbs and spices.

Happy Ocean Breaded Shrymps:
Our breaded Shrymps on a pea protein basis convince with a crispy and sugar-free Panko breading made of wheat flour.

Happy Ocean Tuna:
Our Happy Tuna on a pea and wheat protein basis is a high-quality alternative for Tuna and convinces both by its authentic taste and the large, juicy pieces.

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Anuga Out of Home

The Good Cup Logo


The Good Cup is a game-changing and cutting-edge sustainable paper cup that totally eliminate the need for a plastic lid by featuring an integrated paper lid that folds and locks into place effortlessly. One of the advantages is that it is produced using the same machines as those used for traditional paper cups. Switching to The Good Cup translates into a 40 percentage reduction on storage space, transportation volume and carbon footprint. The impact of The Good Cup creates savings at the point of production, helping to alleviate the environmental crisis by removing plastic, one lid at a time.

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TwentyFifty Logo

Outsect Corporation – TwentyFifty

Outsect Corporation is a San Diego-based company that is launching TwentyFifty™ an innovative plan-based, gluten free line of 100% Home Compostable cutlery, which supports principles of Regenerative Agriculture and Circular Economy.


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sykell Logo

sykell GmbH

sykell GmbH from Berlin is expanding the simple and well established bottle deposit system with EINFACH MEHRWEG (simply reusable) to include innovative reusable packaging in the food and beverages industry.

In addition to a range of containers and cups to meet the packaging directive and obligation to offer reusable products, EINFACH MEHRWEG also supplies reusable containers incl. labeling for pre-filling. As with returnable bottles, EINFACH MEHRWEG can be returned easily and nationwide via the return vending machines of participating partners.

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MealGood GmbH Logo

MealGood GmbH

MealGood is a startup from Dresden and offers reusable packaging for large-scale gastronomy.

The products are as individual as the target group. Return solution and coorporate branding can be individualised. In addition, MealGood is the only system to offer the full-service function, so that rinsing logistics can also be booked, for example.

MealGood products are 100% recyclable and we take that seriously. An end-of-life concept ensures that MealGood makes a positive contribution to environmental protection.

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Anuga Dairy

Biopulver GmbH Logo

Biopulver GmbH

We make the best out of milk! Biopulver is a daughter company of swiss Holle baby food AG, producer of baby food since 1933! Biopulver is a state-of-the-art drying facility, dedicated to highest standards. Latest process technology leads to highest quality standards. Goat and cow milk powder is produced with the latest process technology such as double bactofugation using only high quality milk. Unique is our ability to offer organic infant formula, which is produced directly from fresh goat milk, without using externally produced milk-powder.

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Yogoody Logo


Yogoody is a new innovative brand. Our functional shakes boost on-the-go nutrition and support Gut Health. It is packed with probiotic yogurt cultures, prebiotic fibres and is naturally low in fat and high in protein (15g per serving). In addition to the liquid yogurt benefits, Yogoody does not need refrigeration which makes it very convenient to be consumed anytime and anywhere. Just add 200 ml of water, shake it and it’s ready. There are three ranges and several flavors. ORIGINAL, perfect for everyday treat and snack; VEGAN, for almond lovers with an extra dash of calcium; PROTEIN, boosting with 15mg of protein.

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Anuga Drinks

ClimAid GmbH Logo

ClimAid GmbH

Think global. Drink local." With its locally delicious and climate-friendly lemonades manufactured in Haan, ClimAid wants to make a small sustainable contribution against the climate change and produce beverages. The idea behind it is based on three pillars: short transport routes, climate neutrality in production and distribution and support for climate protection projects in NRW.

ClimAid drinks are bottled in Haan in the Bergisches Land region and are only delivered within a limited radius of 100 km. Together with the bottler and supplier, existing processes were reconsidered and measures were taken to gradually reduce CO₂ emissions. The start-up compensates for all remaining and unavoidable emissions by supporting a forest conservation project in Zambia. In addition, ClimAid supports regional climate protection projects with 1,- € per crate.

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Humble+ Logo


At Humble+, we believe in the valuable impact of exercise and nutrition on our overall well-being.

We know that getting older can sometimes lead to joint and muscle pain, resulting in a less active life. However, we all want to feel young, beautiful and comfortable in our bodies. For this reason, we have discovered the benefits of collage, a natural protein that is essential to our physical well-being.

Humble+ products are specially formulated to be healthy, delicious and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. With Humble+ you can feel good inside and on the outside, for a good, beneficial look that will accompany you throughout your life's journey.

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Posca Logo

P.O.S.C.A. GmbH

Posca Romana is a non-alcoholic premium red grape secco inspired by Roman antiquity - awarded the Dubai Gulfood Innovation Award. The variety of aromas includes botrytis notes from the “Trockenbeerenauslese” (special sweet wine), which matures for eight years to become a balsamic vinegar, which in turn brings in sherry tones and notes of wood - accompanied by the rich and fruity juice of the Saint Laurent grape and a gentle Mosseux. Posca Romana is valued both as a meal accompaniment in upscale restaurants and as a premium mixer in distinguished bars.

With their "Craft Juice" line, P.O.S.C.A. is setting a new standard in the production of juices, championing regional variety. This isn’t simply a conventional juice - for example, each apple variety has its own world of flavours and own character. With a deep understanding of this craftsmanship, the richness, typical of the variety, is revealed and reflected in this special taste experience. Various apple and grape varieties will be presented at the fair. Naturally without additives.

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Sparkling Wine with a refreshing burst of fruit. 4% of alcohol volume and less sweetness, sugar and calories.

Vegan and gluten-free.

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Anuga Fine Food

QISU Snacks Logo

QISU Snacks

QISU is a crunchy cheese snack and topping made from 100% real cheese, free from any other ingredient. Our family business takes pride in delivering a high-protein and gluten-free snack with bold cheesy flavor in every crispy bite. Conveniently packaged in a recyclable bag, QISU is perfect for on-the-go snacking, sharing with family & friends, or as a complement to your favorite drink. Enjoy the delicious taste and nutritional benefits of QISU, the perfect snack for any occasion!

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A collection of cold-pressed vegetable oils, where quality is not just a coincidence. Sunflower, rapeseed, soybean, etc. vegetable oils are cold pressed and double filtered. They are 100% natural products, which have not been subjected to any chemical or thermal treatment. Thus, it gives a special taste to the culinary preparations, keeping all the nutritional qualities of the plants. Improved with aromatic herbs, garlic, hot peppers, or not, they are appreciated in any kitchen.

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togocashews GmbH Logo

caju - The fair cashew snack

The togocashews GmbH offers farmer-direct cashews, caramelized or roasted, delicately rolled in 100% natural ingredients like cacao or rosermary with a tantalizing pinch of sea salt. One cashew at a time, we aim to maximize local value addition in the rural areas of Togo, Westafrica to increase farmer income and support the local economy.

Product segment:

  • Rosemary Herbs 125g
  • Salted Caramel Cacao 125g
  • Salted Caramel 125g (launch in Oktober)
  • Lemon Pepper 125g (launch in Oktober)

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Southern Harvest Inc. Logo

Southern Harvest Inc.

Experience the best of nature's offerings with our diverse banana chip flavors. From the indulgence of dark chocolate to the simplicity of all-natural goodness and the excitement of enhanced flavors, there's something for everyone. But the goodness doesn't end there! Our banana chips are also a rich source of potassium, making them an excellent addition to your muesli and traditional cereals. Let our banana chips be your go-to snack, a versatile ingredient for your breakfast, and a delightful treat that celebrates the goodness of bananas.

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Kuhovar LLC. Logo

Kuhovar LLC.

Innovative products in the segment of instant noodles are created thanks to the combination of Asian and European production technologies. The product contains flour and water, without the use of preservatives and dyes.The line includes oat, buckwheat, millet, rice, and corn noodles made without frying, using mineral water from its own source.A unique wide line of instant gluten-free noodles.The manufacturing has a complete production cycle from grains to finished products on one production line.

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VG FRYER d.o.o. Croatia Logo

VG FRYER d.o.o. Croatia

VG FRYER Ltd. is a company from Croatia. The main focus is bringing high quality and sustainable products from own fields and orchards to the most demanding customers. The company is primarily engaged in drying fruits and vegetables which gives it ability to produce clean, whole and nutritious food with a prolonged shelf life. The fruit is grown on its own fields on more than 60 hectares, primarily plum and quinces. VG Fryer also produces own line of products based on different readymade rice, fruit and vegetable mixes and spices.

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Jalall D’or GmbH Logo

Jalall D’or GmbH

"A handful of happiness" - this is the message of the family business Jalall D'or, which sells high-quality nuts, dried fruit and chocolate snacks as gift ideas with a message. Creative blends - developed in-house and put together by hand - make Jalall D'or so special. Developed together with a sommelière, they take up the theme of food pairing with three wine companions "Im (W)einklang No. 1-3". They work, laugh and stick together with a lot of heart, so that everyone finds a place in this diverse team.

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Lara Schäffer Genuss GmbH Logo

Lara Schäffer Genuss GmbH

GURU Granola is a crunchy and spice topping made from 20-30 mostly regional and organic ingredients. A unique mix of nuts, seeds, flowers, fruits and spices in a gently sweaten with agave nectar and accomplished with love. Newly combined according to Ayurvedic philosophy and Japanese nutritional principles, GURU Granola completes all your dishes, whether sweet or savory, and transforms them into holistic taste explosions.

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EntoSus GmbH Logo

EntoSus GmbH

Chili Con Grilli and Grillognese are just two of the high-quality products made from crickets, which EntoSus produces in Bremen. The crickets are bred on their own farm according to the circular economy approach. In their own processing they become delicious, sustainable meat substitutes.

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Pranosh Food UG Logo

Pranosh Food UG

Just Nosh … Snack Happy!

Just Nosh is a Snack Start-up which offers natural and minimal processed plant-based Snacks with Indian origin. The Water Lily (Lotus) Pops originate from the seeds of the respective plant and are are also known as “Indian Popcorn”. The Snacks are first-time available in Germany and soon across further countries in Europe! We are listed in selected national retail chains and markets in Germany.

Our current vegan product portfolio:

  • Pink Salt 30g
  • Coconut & Cacao 30g
  • Smoked Chili 30g

We are working on new flavours!

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Garum Project Logo

The Garum Project

Do you like it salty or tasty?

Discover Garum - a powerful, 100% natural flavour enhancer that comes in five variants: beef, chicken, fish, vegetable and milk.

Bursting with umami, our clean label products let you bid farewell to mundane salt or artificial enhancers. What sets us apart? A two-year shelf life, no refrigeration needed. Our ingredients come from recovered food, such as whey or retired laying hens. Blending sustainability and superior taste in every drop. Production takes a mere three weeks. We've perfected our fermentation process to ensure the absence of unwanted acidity, presenting you with a flawlessly balanced solution.

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MB MaMiraBaby Logo

MaMiraBaby and Saule Baby

BIO, Organic baby food product from babies to all the family members. MaMira and Saule Baby working together with reliable sources and using organic, bio ingredients mainly from EU to create for babies’ nutritious food. We use sustainable and recyclable packaging with no migration of undesirable substances into foodstuffs.

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Bright Act Middle East LLC Logo

Bright Act Middle East LLC

Mega Chips are the innovative natural chips in a new flat shape produced WITHOUT PALM OIL. It is a healthier and tastier snack option with mashed potato sheets baked in the sunflower oil steamers for 8-10 seconds instead of being fried in the palm oil. The chips boast a big variety of unique and distinctive flavours for every liking. Only best quality selected raw materials are used to create prime final products under strict quality control at every production stage. Afterall, it is still a very affordable product.

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Anuga Frozen Food

Crushi Logo


is a fully patented premium frozen sushi snack. A new, exclusive, unique and delicious bite that combines fresh sushi taste with an irresistible crunch.

Straight out of the freezer Crushi becomes crunchy finger food after just a few minutes in Fryer, Oven or Airfryer,. The rolls will stay crunchy for at least 3 hours after preparation. A Crushi roll needs to be cut using a serrated knife for the best result. When kept frozen, Crushi has a shelf life of over one year.

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Asian Table Wismettac Logo

Asian Table Wismettac

Here at Asian Table our mission is to help customers bring all the flavors of Asia into their homes and to help our clients integrate these cuisines into their menus. Our vision is to share our brand’s healthy, convenient, and delicious Pan Asian food with customers and clients all over Europe. We currently provide a range of frozen small dishes such as gyozas, bao buns, dumplings, and even frozen sushi! Asian Table is here to provide innovative food solutions for all your in-home and out-of-home needs.

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Stokelp Logo


Circular economy marketplace dedicated to food manufacturer. We offer to our customer the opportunity to buy and sell raw material overstocks directly on our platform. We are managing all quality and logistic aspects and we can also provide sourcing solution if we don’t have available overstocks.

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Crunchifood Logo


The Crunchis are distinguished by their special shape and unique taste experience. The meeting of an extra Crunchi outside and a soft smooth soft inside makes for a delicious bite! We believe in delicious and natural food. With great attention to sustainability and the development of new products, we as a young company from the Netherlands want to actively contribute to a sustainable food chain. Under the motto "With taste on the road to 0% waste" we strive for the most sustainable production with as little waste as possible.

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Our artisanal crème brûlée is made with our farm fresh eggs and 100 % natural ingredients. This traditional dessert is deep-frozen with a crunchy caramelized sugar topping. No need to grill or torch. This delicious farm product has to be defrosted and is ready to serve in under two minutes in the microwave. The crème brûlée can also be defrosted in the fridge.

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Anuga Hot Beverages

AP Innovations GmbH Logo

AP Innovations GmbH

Pelster's vegan instant drinks and nut spreads contain up to 50% less sugar than conventional brands, are free from additives & gluten.

A highlight is the innovative Barista oat drink powder, the first oat barista that consists of only 2 ingredients, yet is creamy and does not flake in coffee. The drinks are prepared with water - there is nothing fresher than that.

Reduction of transport volume, food waste & packaging waste lead to a smaller environmental footprint.

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Anuga Meat

Nosh Biofoods Logo

Nosh Biofoods

Nosh is developing a new class of ingredients from biomass fermentation unlocking superior quality, texture, and taste while adding nutritional value. The incredible versatility of Nosh’s functional biomass enables application in a range of products including meat/seafood analogs, bakery items, ice-creams, and more. We are leading the transition away from animal-based diets and towards clean-label, healthy, and appealing yet affordable food products consumers are asking for.

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Anuga Organic

Plant Magic Co. Logo

Plant Magic Co.

Like so many others, we too are exhausted with managing a healthy & vegan lifestyle while lacking the time in everyday life. This is why we founded Plant Magic Co. – We believe that a healthy diet should be easy and accessible to become an integral part of our busy lives. Inspired by our favourite Coffee Shops, we bring so-called 'Specialty Lattes' from the café menu to the shelf.

Discover our ready-to-drink vegan & functional lattes: Caffè Latte, Matcha Latte, Chai Latte & Golden Milk – infused with Superfoods, 100% vegan & organic!

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Nabali Fairkost - A Rift Valley Company Logo

Nabali Fairkost - A Rift Valley Company

Nabali Fairkost offers fair trade and natural Medjool dates from Palestine. Our selection of organic dates comes from selected farms committed to sustainable agriculture and fair trade practices. With our actions, we support economically disadvantaged regions every day. The dates are not only delicious, but also of high quality, rich in nutrients and free from artificial additives.

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Licorne Logo


Vegan cheese and yogurt alternatives made from almonds and cashews, fermented with probiotic cultures.

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Blue Farm Logo

Blue Farm

Blue Farm is redefining oat drinks: Our fermented oat powders create delicious and creamy oat drinks by simply adding water. Our approach reduces packaging waste by up to 90% and is expected to save over 500,000 t of CO2e by 2030. In addition, we not only significantly cut artificial additives but also enrich selected powders with natural functional ingredients. Explore our products at Anuga – 100% vegan, organic, and gluten-free. It doesn't get any better!

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Doc's Ginger GmbH Logo

Doc's Ginger GmbH

Bio Tonic Water, Bio Ginger Beer & Bio Bitter Lemon: Certified organic refreshing drinks, natural & alcohol-free, delicious & low-calorie, deeply rooted in the region and full of natural ingredients - that's Doc's Ginger.

To the homepage Logo represents a unique tea collection, tea blends created with love and a carefully selected range of pure preminum teas from exquisite tea regions. We stand for joyful and ecofriendly/ compostable packagings. stands for sustainable and caring economic activities with certified quality.

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Misses Mie & Mister Mie Logo

Misses Mie & Mister Mie

Trend food Mie noodles! Misses Mie & Mister Mie offers a variety of Mie noodles in conventional as well as organic quality. They are ready in just 5 minutes and form a delicious base for a numerous dishes. All twelve flavours of our Mie noodles are produced according to a traditional Vietnamese recipe in Duisburg, Germany. To get a taste, we are happy to prepare two delicious vegan dishes fresh for you at our stand.

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