Cologne: 09.–13.10.2021 #anuga

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Anuga Organic: Green is in


Health-conscious diets are the talk of the town, organic products have long since left their niche existence. Taking a look at the figures already confirms this: Experts are forecasting a global organic turnover of US Dollar 95 billion. Europe alone, after North America the second largest market, accounts for more than Euro 33 billion. The German market has in the meantime grown to over Euro 10 billion, the French market has doubled within five years and in the trend nation Denmark, the market share of organic items is over 13 percent.

Permanent need of the consumers

Good conscious, good feeling

A permanent rethinking, which is reaching an increasingly broader range of consumer classes, is the reason for these developments. The consumers' awareness for health and the environment is continually growing. Global phenomena such as the population growth and climate change are creating an awareness for earth's limited number of resources, at the same time the desire for a diet that is good for one's own feeling of well-being is also growing.

Sustainable nutrition

Organic bread and other organic products are indications of a more conscious diet

People and nature under focus

The consumers are more and more concerned about a "clean" diet for their bodies and the environment. The solution here is organic. Organic products can contribute significantly towards health and are more or less eco-friendly by definition already. Through closed loops, which keep harmful substances away from people and nature and which do without pesticides for instance. Through production processes that rely on high-quality ecological raw materials and gentle processing methods. Through dispensing with additives such as artificial colouring, preservatives, flavour enhancers and aromas. And through more conscious consumption: People, who opt for organic products more frequently, leave a smaller ecological footprint, prefer food that is freshly prepared rather than convenience products and at least limit their meat consumption down.

What are the organic trends?

From proteins to fair trade

  • High-protein food such as spreads, oils and bars, also gladly vegan protein products consisting of hemp, pumpkin and rice protein, are currently very popular.
  • Spices such as turmeric, ginger, coriander and cardamom lend organic food an exotic taste.
  • Due to the growing number of allergies, the demand for free-from products is increasing, especially for lactose-free items.
  • Sustainable packaging made from regrowing and compostable raw materials are in demand.
  • Regionality: "Organic" often also means local production and sustainable management in the home region for the home region. Short transport routes and "fresh" availability are important factors.
  • Fair trade: Organic products are often more expensive than conventionally produced foodstuffs among others due to the more costly production and processing methods. All parties involved should receive a fair remuneration for their work.

Fair trade: Organic products are often more expensive than conventionally produced food, not only because of the more complex production and processing

Anuga Organic

Around 1/3 of the approx. 7,500 Anuga exhibitors will be presenting organic products such as chocolate

The global offer at a glance

Anuga Organic in Hall 5.1. bundles all global trends and new products. With over 2,900 companies it is setting a new exhibitor record this year – further proof of how much organic is booming. As a comparison: At the first edition in 2013, just under 1,800 exhibitors were represented at Anuga Organic. In total, around one third of the approx. 7,500 Anuga exhibitors present organic products, However, not only that: First-class special events and supporting events expand the knowledge and focus on all the potential for the distribution and marketing.

Anuga Organic Market and the Anuga Organic Forum

Special shows and events for organic food such as Anuga Organic Market and Anuga Organic Forum

Attractive organic special events and exhibitions

The Anuga Organic Market has been staged since 2003. Organised by the bioPress publishing company, the aim behind it is to bring a greater diversity of organic brand into the supermarkets too. Erich Margrander, Executive Director of bioPress Verlag: "The success proves us right. The theme organic has established itself in the midst of Anuga. The Anuga Organic Market bundles around 150 participants, who exhibit around 2,000 organic products, presented in supermarket format. With a link to the hall and stand numbers and/or (also non-exhibitors are on board) on the web pages. The theme organic cheese is under focus. Approx. 100 organic cheeses can be tasted at the cheese counter of the cheese sommelier, Karsten Buhr. Bruderhähne are presenting a further theme at the deli counter. Further highlights are vegan and an unpacking station. Furthermore, the new platform a full organic range for food merchants with around 20,000 organic products will be presented online."

For the first time, the Anuga Organic Forum with lectures, discussions and informative events, is being staged right next to the Anuga Organic Market. Erich Margrander on the agenda:

The themes are on

  • Saturday, 5 October: Unpacked / vegan / Italian
  • Sunday, 6 October: Three events on fair trade and project scouting in developing countries as well as the new organic funding guide (BLE)
  • Monday, 7 October: Organic farming - the latest figures and trends (FibL) / full organic ranges in the mainstream / Presentation of the full organic range database / opening up organic market potential / production responsibility for organic quality / Fairness in the value chain from Africa to Asia and Central/South America through to our supermarket shelves / Organic consumers of today: How can the organic industry do justice to the demands of today's consumers?
  • Tuesday, 8 October: The role of the trade in organic marketing / Procurement of suitable full organic ranges / Organic raw materials from all over the globe / The end of big food and how we will eat tomorrow / Speech by Renate Künast, German MP, followed by a discussion between experts on the theme: 100% organic - gaga or possible?

On Tuesday evening, from 6:00 p.m. on, the participants, exhibitors and visitors are invited to attend the Organic Evening Reception.

The (daily) lecture Preparing for a plant-based future on the Anuga Trend Zone, which picks up on the mega trend towards vegetable-based food, also promises interesting insights.

How green is the future going to be and how can we all profit from it? Exciting, diversified and inspiring answers await you at Anuga.