Cologne: 05.–09.10.2019

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Olive Oil Congress: How virgin is Extra Virgin olive oil?

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08.10.2017 | 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
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The event

Lecture with a subsequent Q&A session

The assessment of the quality and identity of olive oils plays an important role for the consumers, the food controls, the producers and the marketers.

Up until October 2013, Dr. Gertz was Director of the Chemical Investigation Office in Hagen. After retiring, he became an employee at the company Maxfry-Advanced Food Ingredient GmbH in Hagen where he is responsible for the product development.
He has been gaining experience in the analysis and technology of fats and oils for over 40 years. He has been a member of numerous national and international working committees and expert bodies for the analysis of fats, oils and olive oils.
As a co-founder he has been a member of the German Sensory Panel of Olive Oil since 1997. He has published more than 70 pieces of scientific work, including 5 book chapters and 2 books.
His field of research encompasses the analytic documentation of thermo-oxidative deterioration and the efficiency of stabilising ingredients in fats and oils, the application of chemometrics in analysing fats and the development of NIR methods for the quality assurance of oils and fats, the focus being on olive oil.
His distinctions include:
• 1982, the Research Scholarship of the Josef Schormüller Foundation of the German Food Chemistry Society
• 2004, the Normann Medal of the German Society for Fat Science (DGF)

Dr. Christian Gertz, Hagen, Germany