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Bimbosan Super Premium Stage 3 toddler milk formula | Exhibitor on the Anuga 2021

Bimbosan Super Premium Stage 3 toddler milk formula

from Hochdorf Swiss Nutrition AG

Our Super Premium 3 is made exclusively from high-quality Swiss milk and we consistently avoid the use of palm oil in the production process. The milk complies with the latest recommendations and specifications and thus contains everything that toddlers need for healthy development. The children's milk is suitable for feeding toddlers from the age of at least 12 months. It is only part of a mixed diet and must not be used as a breast milk substitute during the first twelve months.

Super Premium 3 is the most advanced children milk in the Bimbosan range. Five nucleotides (AMP, CMP, GMP, IMP and UMP), the high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids and additional nutrients such as taurine, inositol, choline and L-carnitine make it particularly valuable. Our formulation also has a balanced and age-appropriate protein content for optimal development. The whey-casein ratio is adapted to the age. Lactose and a small amount of maltodextrin serve as carbohydrate suppliers.

With the five nucleotides included, our Super Premium Formula is unique. Nutritional nucleotides are needed for the multiplication of all rapidly dividing cells. Especially for the cells of the immune system (defences) and the gastrointestinal mucosa (for normal intestinal function). Nucleotides therefore support normal growth.

The product is available in different market-oriented packaging units.

Also available for Stage 1 and 2

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