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NEWTRITION X. - Innovation summit for personalised diet

10 Sept 2019

Personalised diets offers dietary solutions tailor-made to suit the individual organism

Healthier, higher performance, slimmer: Diets have long since not purely been about food intake. But rather about being the best version of oneself possible. This is further enhanced by the fact that the consumers' knowledge about food, its composition and the effect of its ingredients is continually growing. And yet: Particularly in the Western world many people are overweight and suffer from diet-related diseases such as diabetes or intolerances.

In spite of the many different nutritional concepts and guidelines that exist, they all have one thing in common: They all claim to apply to all people equally. However, nutritional medicine has long since already been a step ahead here. Surveys corroborate that metabolic rates are highly individual. Every person reacts differently to food and processes nutrients differently, for instance due to the composition of the intestinal microbiomes or genetic variations.

Personalised diets – suiting the individual organism

The equally simple, yet complex conclusion is therefore: Personalised diets. On the basis of blood, blood/sugar, stool or DNA analyses, providers are in a position to offer dietary solutions tailor-made to suit the individual organism. But how can the trade react to this? There opportunities are plentiful: Since ready-made food or convenience products play an ever-increasing role in the everyday lives of the consumers, personalised products offer strong growth potential. On the other hand: Developing and producing products that are tailor-made to meet individual demands would in practice result in kilometre-long supermarket shelves to exaggerate slightly.

NEWTRITION X. - the Anuga platform for this mega trend

In order to make personalised diets implementable and viable for the trade as well as suitable for the everyday routine of the consumers, the science and research sectors have to join ranks with the food industry and food trade. As the world's largest trade fair for food & beverages, Anuga offers the perfect platform for bringing together the cross-industry decision-makers and experts. At the NEWTRITION X. innovation summit – on 06.10.2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. – the latest cognitions, technologies and concepts on the mega trend personalised diet will be presented and discussed.

The top themes of the congress are:

NEWTRITION X - Innovation summit for personalised diet

  • Personalised diet
    What does the ecosystem look like? Which perspectives are arising for the industry and trade and which market research cognitions on personalised diet are there in Europe?
  • Nutritional medicine
    Genetics, microbiomes, metabolome - will there be one winner? Which role do heredity (genetics), microorganisms in our intestines (microbiomes) and the organism's metabolic characteristics (metabolome) play? Which biomarker does personalised diet place its bets on?
  • Genetics
    What benefit does it bring? Do our genes determine what we eat and what food we should consume?
  • Microbiomes
    Our intestinal bacteria allegedly also has an influence on the human psyche and well-being. The programme "MillionFriends" carries out microbiome analyses and makes nutritional recommendations. Nutrition types are defined. The food manufacturers would then have the opportunity at least to produce nutrition type-specific (if not completely personalised) product assortments and thus bind customers and generate correspondingly higher turnovers.
  • Consumers
    Are people ready for personalised nutrition? In case studies existing concepts are already being outlined. The demands companies and start-ups are faced with as well as the chances and limits in this section are illustrated and discussed.
  • Market
    What do the food manufacturers and trade have to gear themselves up for today? How can a digital bridge between food and the consumer be established and which chances arise by linking online data?
  • State-of-the-art
    Digitalisation - the means to an end? The food industry is changing as a result of Big Data. "Digital health" is influencing the consumer and his diet: How do household appliances and artificial intelligence create new or other dietary habits and which opportunities and risks ensue as a result?
  • Networking
    The congress offers many opportunities for an interdisciplinary and international exchange as well as for establishing and intensifying valuable contacts and partnerships.

Companies that want to make sure they are fit for the future, can still secure their ticket for the NEWTRITION X. innovation summit here .