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Packaging as a selling point

16 Sept 2022

Sustainable packaging becomes a purchasing argument in China

In recent years, China has made "carbon peaking" and "carbon neutrality" a major strategic decision. The development plan of "energy saving and emission reduction" and "waste separation, recycling and disposal" has been formulated across the country. How should the food and beverage industry implement these environmental initiatives?

In the future food market, product packaging will largely influence consumer purchasing decisions, with products based around 'zero waste' packaging becoming popular and over 50% of consumers worldwide are willing to pay for sustainable packaging.

Explore - Sustainable packaging emerges in the food & beverage industry

In the process of packaging, the principle of sustainable development of energy and material is followed to achieve renewable raw materials, low energy consumption, low level of environmental pollution and easy recycling. According to statistics, about 80% of the environmental cost of a product during its use depends on the packaging, thus, sustainable packaging is an inevitable choice to solve the environmental problems of packaging.

Innovation - Renewable materials development in full swing

With the advancement of science and technology, the theory of renewable recycling packaging has been further developed. Under the guidance, technical problems such as recycling and disposal of packaging materials have been further solved, saving plenty of raw materials and ensuring food quality while reducing pollution to the environment. Meanwhile, the development of new packaging materials is becoming increasingly diversified.

Burden Relief – The trend to “reduce” food packaging

With sustainable development and "carbon" targets being set, more and more companies are thinking about corporate development framework from the perspective of "integrating corporate development with social responsibility". In addition to responding to policy compliance requirement, the eco-friendly packaging allows the brand to put its environmental philosophy into practice and communicate its attitude to consumers.

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