Cologne: 04.–08.10.2025 #anuga

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Zelluläre Landwirtschaft - die nächste industrielle Revolution? | Event on the Anuga 2023

Cellular Agriculture - The Next Industrial Revolution?

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Messeplatz 1
50679 Köln
Trend Zone, Boulevard North, B 005

The event

Global growth unavoidably leads to unforeseen challenges and long-lasting consequences. We believe that a significant rethinking is necessary to overcome them not just on a short-term but for future generations as well. Increasing emissions and a growth in land-use are directly associated with increases of pollution, waste, animal cruelty and land depletion. 

Cellular agriculture will play a key role in the future of health and nutrition. It will address some of the major global challenges due to rarity of key resources by offering two apporaches that will have a positive impact on these issues: 

1) Cultivated meat: Decoupling meat production from animal cruelty, land-use and emissions, by producing only the cells we need in bioreactors

2) Precision fermentation: Engineered cells can produce any organic material at scale, with improved properties and significant cost reduction

The Cultivated B is unique in its strategy of developing holistic, scalable and sustainable capabilities for creating cellular agriculture solutions, both within cultivated meat and precision fermentation. 

We focus on cutting-edge biotechnology which is designed for a resource-optimized and energy-saving process. Cellular agriculture players seek for solutions which allow a scalable process and TCB is delivering the tools: in-house produced novel bioreactors for Cell-Ag use, food-grade cell lines for industry applications and precision fermentation development. Our strategy has enabled us to serve clients with turn-key solutions from R&D to industrial production.

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Founder, CEO & Managing Director

The Cultivated B. GmbH