Cologne: 07.–11.10.2023 #anuga

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BVLH Retailforum 2021 Sustainability. Food Safety. Transparency. | Event on the Anuga 2021

BVLH Retailforum 2021 Sustainability. Food Safety.

from Bundesverband des Deutschen Lebensmittelhandels e.V. (BVLH)
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Bundesverband des Deutschen Lebensmittelhandels e.V. (BVLH)
Am Weidendamm 1A
10117 Berlin
+49 3072625080
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The event

Under the trusted motto: Sustainability. Food Safety. Transparency. The German Association of the Retail Grocery Trade (BVLH) is also represented at Anuga 2021 with its Retail Forum. The exhibition stand of the BVLH is characterised by the wide-ranging commitment of the German food trade for an environmentally-friendly and resource-saving food system. The trading companies are already committing themselves to sustainable food in the scope of manifold cooperative projects with their partners along the supply chain. The food trade is a pioneer of the transformation process in many working areas and product sections. Whether to increase animal welfare in livestock farming, prevent and reduce food loss or preserve biological diversity.With the foundation and further development of the Animal Welfare Initiative and the introduction of the labelling of the type of farming, the German food trade is taking on a pioneering role in increasing animal welfare in livestock farming and in creating transparency about the husbandry conditions when purchasing meat and sausages. In an exemplary manner it is demonstrated how dealers and farmers can communicate their commitment in improving animal welfare to the consumers with the aid of innovative technology.Across the value chain, the food trade causes the least food losses by far. Nevertheless, the trade continually strives to further reduce the food losses in order to save valuable resources. It is also about the resolution of conflicting goals here.Functional and ecosystems with high biological diversity form the basis for a future-oriented food system. In the form of different initiatives and measures, the trade commits itself among others for the protection, reinstatement and sustainable usage of biological diversity in the cultivation of raw materials and in the design of own product ranges and locations. The BVLH is presenting an excerpt of the extensive measures of the German food trade regarding the above-mentioned themes. Furthermore, Fairtrade Germany, the Sustainable Cocoa Forum, the Thünen Institute with their database project "Online fish stocks", fTrace, GLOBALG.A.P., ORGAINVENT, International Featured Standards (IFS), the Food without Genetic Engineering Association as well as the food Akademie and the food Hotel Neuwied are represented on the BVLH Retail Forum, both on-site as well as via the digital platform Anuga @home.