Cologne: 04.–08.10.2025 #anuga

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Anuga HORIZON Conference: Inspire The Future | Event on the Anuga 2023

Anuga HORIZON Conference: Inspire The Future

from Anuga HORIZON
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Anuga HORIZON, Start-up, Food Trends
Messeplatz 1
50679 Köln

The event

To attend the Anuga HORIZON Conference you need the Season Ticket Conference Anuga HORIZON for EUR 179.00 - available in our ticket shop.

Program  09.10.2023

10:30 am         Opening Ceremony
                        Oliver Frese, Koelnmesse 
                        Sharon Cittone, Edible Planet Ventures 
abio Ziemßen, ZINTINUS              

10:40 am         Ancient Future Foodscapes
                        Nat Kelley, Actress & Activist

11:10 am         Cultivating Change: A Chat with Marc Oshima
                        Marc Oshima, Oshima Good Food 
                        Fabio Ziemßen, ZINTINUS
11:30 am         Feeding the Future: The Role of Technology in Creating a More Sustainable and 
                        Efficient Food System
                        Moderation: Sharon Cittone, Edible Planet Ventures 
                        Marie Asano, ECBF 
                        Miriam Ueberall, Scientific Advisory Board Member Peakbridge
                        Richard Gray, Mondelēz International's SnackFutures
                        Prof. Dr. Ivan Stefanic, EISMA

                        In a world that's rapidly interconnecting, food trends are evolving at an unprecedented pace. 
                        The food sector grapples with ensuring quality, safety, and transparency for an ever-expanding 
                        global populace.Yet, the confluence of tech has blurred the lines between the culinary and
                        pharmaceutical domains. Join us as we explore:
                        ● Predicted food trends leading up to 2050.
                        ● Tackling malnutrition with innovative nutrition concepts.
                        ● The synergy between wearables, AI-driven nutrition assistants, and our diets.
                        ● The triad driving the future of nutrition: health-focused, tailored, and sustainable nourishment.
                        Dive into these pivotal discussions and envision the tech-infused future of food! 

12:30 pm         State of the Industry: How Global Players in the Food Industry Take the Lead in the
                        Transition to a New-Food Economy
                        Moderation: Marina Schmidt, Red to Green Solutions
                        Dr. Tunyawat Kasemsuwan, Thai Union
                        Dr. Wolfgang Kühnl, InFamily Foods 
                        Helge Weitz, Oatly DACH & Poland
                        Julia Sotera, Tetra Pak                

                        In light of prevailing megatrends and pressing imperatives for change, businesses face the
                        formidable task of continuous evolution, setting fresh market benchmarks in the process. It's
                        vital not only to foster internal cultural shifts but also to transparently navigate the external
                        transformation, priming both suppliers and consumers for this new direction. This panel will delve
                        ● The inherent risks of this transition and strategies to maintain momentum.
                        ● The distinguishing factors between the emerging generation of suppliers and their
                        ● The pivotal role of technology in reshaping the food industry.
                        ● Identifying the trailblazers in technological advancements.
                        ● The ramifications of these novel developments on the established market landscape.
                        Join us as we explore the proactive steps global players in the food industry are taking to
                        spearhead the transition to a forward-thinking food economy.

1:30 pm            Going Beyond: What's Next for the Plant-Based Industry
                         The Integrated Protein Strategy
                         Wolfgang Kühnl, Infalmily Foods
                         The Future of Plant-Based Meat
                         Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat

2:00 pm            Coffee Break

2:30 pm            From Lab to Plate: Exploring the Future of Alternative Proteins and Ingredients
                         Moderation: Sharon Cittone, Edible Planet Ventures 
                         Sebastian Rakers, Bluu Seafood 
                         Ahrum Pak, WNWN
                         Charlotte Lucas, Good Food Institute Europe
                         Dr. Hannah Lester, Atova Regulatory Consulting

                         Projected UN statistics suggest a surge in the global population from 7.6 billion in 2019 to an
                         estimated 9.8 billion by 2050. This growth, paired with evolving dietary habits due to increased
                         prosperity and a forecasted rise in meat consumption from 39.5kg per capita in 2010 to 49.5kg in
                         2050, necessitates not only a paradigm shift but also innovative strategies for protein supply.
                         This calls for diversified protein solutions and novel approaches, spanning from cutting-edge
                         technology to the introduction of unconventional protein sources.

                         A plethora of suppliers are poised to launch, crafting global solutions to curb meat reliance
                         without compromising protein accessibility. The market is witnessing an influx of alternatives to
                         meat, milk, eggs, and fish derived from plants or cellular cultures, challenging traditional
                         product categorizations. This panel aims to address:
                         ● The current status of cell-based meat and fish culture development.
                         ● The most pressing challenges facing this emergent sector.
                         Join us as we dissect the transformative landscape of alternative proteins and ingredients,
                         delving deep into the questions shaping tomorrow's food industry.

3:30 pm             The Future of Food is Here with Alt Protein – Steps Towards a Greener World
                          Moderation: Fabio Ziemßen, ZINTINUS
                          Deniz Ficicioglu, BettaFish 
                          Brad Vanstone, Willicroft
                          Judith Wemmer, Planted Foods 
                          Tanja Bogumil, Lovely Day Foods

                          The FAO's alarming forecast posits that by 2050, we'd require the resources of three Earths to
                          sustain the global populace at current meat consumption rates. This underscores the paramount
                          importance of extensively researching, developing, and mainstreaming alternative protein
                          sources for our impending future. In this panel, we seek to unravel:
                          ● The potential plant-based solutions on the horizon.
                          ● The challenges encountered in introducing these innovations to the market.
                          ● Notable shifts in consumer demand over the past two years.
                          ● Our progress towards hitting the critical mass-market adoption tipping point.
                          Join our thought leaders as we delve into the transformative role of alternative proteins
                          incrafting a more sustainable global food landscape.

Programme, 10.10.23

2:00 pm            Can you Change the Future?
                         Douglas Gayeton, THE LEXICON

2:30 pm            Feeding the Future: Why Data and AI is Critical to the Sustainability of Our Food
                         Moderation: Sharon Cittone, Edible Planet Ventures 
                         Johan Langenbick, Foodpairing
                         Ori Lavie, TasteWise
                         Maxine Roper, Connection Food

3:30 pm            Coffee Break

4:00 pm            Breaking the Mold: How Impact-Driven Start-Ups are Paving the Way for a Sustainable

                         moderation: Fabio Ziemßen, ZINTINUS
                         Nick Wakins, Mighty
                         Tilen Travnik, Juicy Marbles
                         Anton Pluschke, Ordinary Seafood
                         Júlia Dalmadi, TransFOODMission Ltd.
                         Brigette Wolf, MyMochi                       

5:00 pm            Closing & Outlook
      Fabio Ziemßen & Sharon Cittone 

Program subject to change


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