Cologne: 09.–13.10.2021 #anuga

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Discover Food Trends and Key Topics

Food Trends and Key Topics at Anuga 2021

Currently, the food and beverage industry is dominated by a total of 7 food trends. In addition there are 4 focus topics with a special market significance. As the world's largest and leading food fair, Anuga demonstrates a strong trend and future orientation. At the same time, Anuga shows business potential with its focus themes.

If you are looking for the latest product innovations, potential topics and food trends, Anuga 2021 is a must-attend event for you! Here you can find relevant exhibitors according to their trend and focus topics.

Anuga food trend Alternative Meat Proteins

Meat substitution is one of the food trends of the future - and we are no longer just talking about veggie burgers or vegetarian meat substitution products. The new alternatives range from laboratory meat or in-vitro meat through to insects. Because the consumers' demands for a meatless diet and alternative products are constantly increasing. Discover manifold alternatives to normal meat at Anuga 2021.

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Anuga food trend Clean Label

Less sugar and less artificial ingredients, instead more plant-based and natural aromas - that is how more and more consumers are imaging the future offer of food will be. After the boom of organic products, the new food trend is moving in the direction of clean eating: conscious, healthy diets are called for. This also goes hand in hand with a return to traditional and natural food production without genetic modification. In line with this trend, numerous products will be presented at Anuga under the "Clean Label".

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Anuga food trend Convenience & Snacking

The process of preparing and eating food is becoming faster all the time, because in the normal everyday routine eating takes up less and less time – in line with this snacking has become one of the current food trends. Ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook, to-go products and chilled food turn snacks into a replacement for former large meals. At Anuga you can experience how creative and extraordinary the new mini meals can be thanks to snacks.

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Anuga food trend Free From & Health Foods

Food and health have been closely linked for many years already. So, it is no wonder that "health" is one of the industry's mega food trends. The exhibitors and visitors of Anuga 2019 also confirmed this: 70% cited "health" as the most important industry trend of the coming years. Lifestyle developments through to a conscious diet play an as equally important role here as the increase in intolerances. This is why more and more alternatives to wheat, gluten, lactose or fructose can be found on the market - which are enjoying increased popularity in today's shopping baskets.

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Anuga food trend Plant based protein foods

Plant-based foodstuffs are experiencing a true boom – not only as meat substitutes, but also as an elementary health and fitness component. Both are of high significance in today's society and influence the eating and buying behaviour. The popular offers of this food trend include for example flexitarian products, vegetarian or vegan foodstuffs as well as novel food products as plant-based imitations of animal-based products. In this way, the industry is supporting the attempts of the consumers to also reduce their meat consumption for ecological reasons.

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Anuga food trend Superfoods & Ancient Grains

Superfoods and ancient grains have taken home kitchens and restaurants by storm over the past years. Quinoa, teff, amaranth, millet and sorghum have aroused the curiosity of the consumers and have become an integral part of the trend towards a conscious diet. Superfoods are still popular on the market, especially among people who place great value on health-conscious buying and eating.

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Anuga food trend "Sustainably produced or packaged"

One theme that is not allowed to be missing when talking about the food trends is sustainability. Sustainability is more present than ever when shopping - fruit, vegetables, meat, but also other foodstuffs are assessed and purchased according to the level of sustainability of their production and packing. This means for the producers and restaurant owners: Sustainability is the theme of the hour and a promising market for convincing the consumers.

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Anuga key topic Halal food

Halal products are one of the key topics of Anuga 2021, because the demand is not only rising in Eastern Europe, but also in Western Europe. Which foodstuffs are allowed to carry an Halal seal? What are the food trends in the section of Halal products? Halal finished goods, Halal sausage and many other products that offer a balanced assortment await you at Anuga.

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Anuga key topic Kosher products

The market for kosher products that correspond with the Jewish dietary rules is also constantly expanding. This development is being further promoted because more and more people, who want to eat more consciously or who have a lactose intolerance, are opting for kosher products. Numerous kosher products from the main categories bakery products, snacks, sauces and spices, but also other kosher products can be found at Anuga.

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Anuga key topic Gourmet & Specialty Foods

The quality of food and beverages is of great significance to the consumers. They are more and more frequently opting for premium products, delicacies and high-quality foodstuffs. This quality awareness is also a key theme at Anuga 2021. This also includes products with a special designation of origin or protected geographical indication. Because nowadays the consumers take a close look at the ingredients of a product and where it comes from.

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Anuga key topic Private Label

Private labels are becoming increasingly more relevant within the stationary food and beverage trade – and in turn they are landing in more and more consumers' shopping trolleys. The price and quality are frequently the convincing arguments that lead the private labels to success. This is why many brand names are expanding their product ranges and are making use of new food trends in order to address and bind the consumers. Learn more about the success model of the private labels at Anuga.

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