Cologne: 07.–11.10.2023 #anuga

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Alternative Meat Proteins

Alternative Meat Proteins

Protein plays a critical role in human nutrition. Although animal-derived proteins constitute the majority of the protein we consume there is a strong movement in the industry towards plant-derived proteins which can satisfy the same requirement with arguably less environmental impact.

As more consumers pay attention to health and sustainability, replacement foods and ingredients are on the rise. Health remains the number one reason to buy food alternatives to meat or dairy according to Innova Market Insights’ consumer research. The search for alternative proteins has resulted in the rising use of novel

  • plant-based protein sources
  • insects
  • lab-cultured meat

Discover these innovative products at Anuga and find out about the potential of this product segment. International exhibitors provide insights into the meat substitute of tomorrow!

The future of meat replacement

According to a consumer survey by Innova Market Insights (2019), consumers are much more likely to accept lab-grown foods (46%) than insects (34%), even though consumers are more familiar with insects (40%) than lab-grown foods (30%).

Some problems are still to be overcome in the budding cell-cultured meat segment. For example, cultured meats still rely on some animal-derived ingredients, particularly fetal bovine serum without which the cells won’t readily duplicate. This is an issue for vegetarians and vegans, making cultured meat in its current form ethically unacceptable to them. Once this is overcome, it will broaden the target audience.